Excellence in AbilityOne Administrative Services

PCCS is a distinguished California non-profit corporation dedicated to providing top-notch employment and training services across California. Our mission is to offer the government and private business sectors efficient and cost-effective administrative and budget analysis services, simultaneously facilitating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

As a certified affiliate of a national nonprofit agency, PCCS stands out for its comprehensive range of employment opportunities tailored for individuals with disabilities, showcasing a robust track record and deep expertise in managing contracts under the AbilityOne program.

Agencies Served:

    • Department of Homeland Security
        • San Francisco & Los Angeles, CA
        • Administrative Support and Budget Analysis
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture
        • Davis, CA
        • Receptionist Services
    • Department of Housing and Urban Development
        • Los Angeles, CA
        • Stockroom Management and Mailroom Operations
    • Internal Revenue Service
        • Various California Locations
        • Mailroom Operations

PCCS is recognized as a benchmark for excellence in executing AbilityOne contracts, demonstrating unparalleled service and commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities.