Pacific Coast Community Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide training and long-term employment for veterans, persons with disabilities, and those re-entering the workforce.

Our Comprehensive Employment and Training Services

CARF Accreditation Seal

PCCS is dedicated to transforming lives through its Employment and Training Services division that launched in June 2021. We are committed to expanding our reach, enabling more individuals to access our comprehensive suite of services, including training, employment placement, and job coaching.

At PCCS, we don’t just place individuals in jobs; we equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive workforce through our targeted vocational training programs.

Our training initiatives are rigorous and rewarding, offering certificates of completion to participants who meet our high standards in examinations and testing. In collaboration with the California Department of Rehabilitation, we provide specialized training for disabled students, ensuring personalized attention in small classroom settings and individualized instruction.

Our training is immersive, featuring simulated work environments and interactive scenarios that prepare our students for real-world challenges, supported by reasonable accommodations to ensure their success in typical work settings.

PCCS graduates stand out in their fields, armed with training that adheres to industry standards and a deep understanding of the skills and knowledge in demand by top employers. Our curriculum is designed not just for learning but for real-world application, ensuring our graduates are not just job-ready but primed for long-term success.

Beyond training, PCCS offers extensive post-training support, including job search coaching, resume development, and a partnership with a dedicated job developer, to guide our graduates toward their career goals.


Referral Portal/Forms:

Service authorizations must be accompanied with

    1. a referral form
    2. an individualized plan for employment (IPE) and
    3. a consent to release form (DR 260)


Training Calendar:

Our Premiere Issue of The Hire News


click/tap the image above for the latest PDF vesion of The Hire News

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Hire News, PCCS’s dedicated publication crafted to enlighten, entertain, and inspire our valued clients, staff, partners, and supporters. This newsletter is your go-to source for insightful updates, stories, and tips that resonate with PCCS clients and those embarking on their job search journey.

Adding unique and empowering layers to this publication, the publishing contributions from clients served by PCCSincluding written content development, graphic design, typesetting and distribution—enhance its value.

This collaborative endeavor embodies our commitment to an integrated work environment and practical training, showcasing the talents and skills of our clients. Through this hands-on project, our clients gain valuable experience in content creation, design and publication distribution, making each issue of The Hire News a testament to their growth and capabilities.

In this first issue, we are excited to share a range of compelling content designed to foster knowledge, motivation, and community:


    1. Celebrating Excellence: Dive into the significance of PCCS’s CARF accreditation and what it means for our commitment to quality and service.
    2. Leadership Insights: Gain perspectives from COO Lawrence Silva in a thought-provoking leader’s message.
    3. Triumphs in Employment: Be inspired by a client’s journey to success, showcasing the real-world impact of our programs.
    4. Job Search Strategies: Equip yourself with actionable advice for navigating the job market in early 2024, tailored to current trends and opportunities.
    5. ADA Awareness: Begin a series exploring the nuances of the Americans with Disabilities Act, empowering you with knowledge for advocacy and action.
    6. Collaborative Progress: Learn about PCCS’s innovative partnership with the REAP Climate Center, a step toward sustainable development and employment.
    7. Skill Development: Discover the benefits of PCCS’s call center/telephone services training program, a pathway to vital communication skills and career advancement.


We invite you to delve into these articles, absorb the insights, and share the inspiration. Your journey is our story, and together, we’re crafting a narrative of success and empowerment.