Dedicated Support for Our Veterans

At PCCS, we honor the service of our veterans by providing tailored employment and training services designed to recognize and value their unique experiences and skills. Our Veterans Employment Services are specially crafted to assist our nation’s servicemen and women in transitioning to civilian careers, offering a blend of support that acknowledges their contributions and addresses their specific needs.

Our experienced team, which includes veterans and professionals adept at working with military personnel, offers specialized counseling, case management, and job placement services. We understand the challenges veterans may face when entering the civilian job market and are committed to providing targeted workshops, resume assistance, and career counseling that leverage their strengths and military experience.

In partnership with various industry leaders and employers, we ensure that our veterans have access to opportunities that not only match their skill sets but also honor their service. Whether it’s through On-The-Job Training, networking with veteran-friendly employers, or navigating the unique aspects of transitioning to a civilian career, PCCS is here to support our veterans every step of the way.