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A virtual cafe training program developed by industry professionals and certified food service trainers for Pacific Coast Community Services.

The Green Fare Cafe is a virtual cafe that provides classes for the next generation of cafe and food service workers. Three times a week two hour training sessions are held in the cafe.Classes will typically be followed by hands on experience at the cafe.The full training program runs six weeks and prepares students for jobs in the food service industry.

Students will earn a Cafe Operations Certificate from the Cafe and a ServSafe Food Handler Certificate from the National Restaurant Association. SafeServ training and testing programs are widely recognized and accepted for requirement fulfillment by code enforcement organizations and most employers in the food industry.

Training will consist of:

Governmental Oversight & Laws & Regulations

  • Federal-USDA-CDC
  • State
  • County
  • City

Food Safety & Handling

  • Temperature Guidelines
  • Food prep/Presentation
  • Contamination
  • Food Freshness
  • Sanitation & Storage


  • Cash Handling
  • Credit Card Handling
  • Change Making
  • Cash Drawer close out
  • Inventory Control

Personal Safety

  • Lifting
  • Climbing/Ladders
  • Cutting
  • Slip & Falls
  • Kitchen Utensils

Inspection Preparedness

  • Cooking Surfaces
  • Equipment
  • Floors
  • Storage Areas
  • Refrigeration

Customer Service

  • Meet & Greet
  • Promptness of Service
  • Escalation/ De-escalation
  • Interacting with Customers
  • Active Listening